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Thank you for your interest in the GetterBack rod recovery system. Below are some common questions along with the answers.

Frequently Asked Questions

As the GetterBack descends below 5 feet water enters through a specially designed check valve and activates the non-toxic reactant.This reaction produces CO2 gas which builds pressure inside the GetterBack until it reaches 60 PSI at which point the float section is deployed. As the float section rises to the surface, it unwinds the Kevlar line. Once the bright yellow float reaches the surface it is easily spotted and retrieval of your lost rod is as simple as just pulling in the line!

It typically takes one to two minutes, but it can take longer depending on sink rate, depth and water temperature. A fast sink rate in warm water to ten feet will result in the shortest time and a slow sink rate in very cold water to one hundred feet may take up to ten minutes.

Yes. The GetterBack is designed to be mounted on the rod or handle above or below the reel.

Yes. The GetterBack is a one-time use product. The GetterBack relies on a non-toxic chemical reaction that occurs when the unit is submerged in water.

No. Rain and high humidity will not affect it. Water only enters the GetterBack when it is below five feet.

No. The GetterBack can be mounted on and used with just about any object ten pounds or less.

Yes. Every GetterBack is guaranteed to be free of defects in workmanship and materials for a period of one year.

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