How does the GetterBack work?

As the GetterBack descends below 10 feet, water enters through a specially designed check valve and activates the non-toxic reactant.  This reaction produces CO2 gas which builds pressure inside the GetterBack until it reaches 30 PSI above the surrounding water pressure, at which point the float section is deployed.  As the float section rises to the surface, it unwinds the Kevlar line.  Once the bright safety green float reaches the surface, it is easily spotted and retrieval of your lost Drone, fishing rod, or gear is as simple as just pulling in the line!


How long does the GetterBack take for the float to surface?

It typically takes one to two minutes, but it can take longer depending on sink rate, depth, and water temperature.  A fast sink rate in warm water to 10 feet will result in the shortest time and a slow sink rate in very cold water to 100 feet may take up to five minutes.


Can I mount the GetterBack anywhere on a Drone, fishing rod, or other gear?  

Yes. The GetterBack is designed to be mounted anywhere on a Drone, fishing rod, or other gear.


Is the GetterBack a one-time use product?

Yes.  The GetterBack is a one-time use product.  The GetterBack relies on a non-toxic chemical reaction that occurs when the unit is submerged in water.  Once the chemical reaction occurs and the line is dispensed, the product is no longer functional for reuse.


Will weather affect the GetterBack?

No.  Rain and high humidity will not affect it.  Water only enters the GetterBack when it is below 10 feet.  At 10 feet, the water pressure is approximately four PSI which is a much higher differential pressure than would be experienced by driving rain or humidity changes. 


Can the GetterBack be used on all types of gear?

Yes.  The GetterBack can be mounted on and used with just about any object ten pounds or less.  The included Velcro strap will work with most objects, but using Tie Wraps are another very strong solution.  Retrieve the line slowly if the object is close to ten pounds, to avoid overstressing the line.  (The actual line strength is rated at fourteen lbs.)


Can the GetterBack be used in salt water also?

Yes, the GetterBack works in either fresh water or salt water.


Can a GetterBack be taken on a plane?

Yes, there isn't any safety concern with bringing a GetterBack on a plane.  As for concerns about the lower cabin pressure affecting the device,  that is not a problem.  If placed in checked baggage,  the temperature will be lower,  but most baggage compartments are pressurized to the same 8,000 foot altitude pressure as the cabin,  so it should not be an issue either.


Why did the price increase when the color changed?

The original orange version of our GetterBack was made by a company that we licensed the production to. They decided to have them manufactured in China, which reduced the cost, but also the quality and reliability in our opinion. We decided to end that and bring the manufacturing back us and now they are only made by our team here in America which does have an impact on the cost, but the reliability is of utmost importance to us and to our customers.


Can it be mounted on a small Drone like the Mavic?


Yes, it can be mounted in many different ways to accommodate almost any Drone. Below is an example and a review about mounting it on a Mavic Pro.