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Your gear is expensive and your time is priceless..

Don’t lose your gear in the water!


Now available on Amazon, and we are also shipping to the U.S., Australia, Canada, Germany and the United Kingdom.


(Please do not buy the yellow obsolete versions that do not work as intended and are being sold by Bike Some Where, on EBay, Wall Mart, Sears, Open Box Sports,, Etc. for $19.95 to $30.95)  This company is committing fraud by using our images but actually shipping a different product that was not made by us here in America.  They are attempting to sell of old stock that was made in China years ago.  If it doesn't have Fisher Systems, Inc. and a picture of a Drone on the package, and it is being sold for less than our price, it is not our new bright green model.  Be sure to ask before buying.)


The GetterBack® is the Patented, revolutionary Depth Activated Underwater Recovery System that installs in seconds with a non-destructive high-strength Velcro®  strap.  In less than ten feet of water, a safe Eco-friendly reaction jettisons the high visibility recovery float to the surface.  Grab the float and the attached High-Strength Braided Kevlar® line, and pull up your gear.  

So if it sinks, now you can GetterBack!

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GetterBack for Drones.

Watch the Video here.


GetterBack for Fishing Rods

and other gear.

Watch the Video here.