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Your gear is expensive and your time is priceless..

Don’t lose your gear in the water!


Note: We are the only current manufacturer of this product.

There are five year old yellow versions (that were not manufactured by us) which are obsolete.

These may not work and the old stock is still being sold by unauthorized sellers.



The GetterBack® is the Patented, revolutionary Depth Activated Underwater Recovery System that installs in seconds with a non-destructive high-strength Velcro®  strap.  In less than ten feet of water, a safe Eco-friendly reaction jettisons the high visibility recovery float to the surface.  Grab the float and the attached High-Strength Braided Kevlar® line, and pull up your gear.  

So if it sinks, now you can GetterBack!

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GetterBack for Drones.



GetterBack for Fishing Rods and other gear.