As the GetterBack descends below 10 feet, water enters through a specially designed check valve and activates the non-toxic reactant.  This reaction produces CO2 gas which builds pressure inside the GetterBack until it reaches 30 PSI above the surrounding water pressure, at which point the float section is deployed.  As the float section rises to the surface, it unwinds the Kevlar line.  Once the bright safety green float reaches the surface it is easily spotted and retrieval of your lost Drone, fishing rod or gear, is as simple as just pulling in the line!


GetterBack on drone testing in 10 feet of water.


GetterBack test station designed for lake test at various depths.


GetterBack lake test at 56 feet with very slow descent to simulate the lightest object expected to be used with this product.  (The actual depth is the smaller top numbers on the Scuba gauge).


Demonstration of the unaffected Drone's maneuverability when a GetterBack is attached.


Actual footage of a Drone recovered with a GetterBack recovery system.