A Hero's Return: How GetterBack Saved Our GoPro HERO10 on the Maramec River

Another customer is a happy camper after the GetterBack rescued their GoPro HERO10 camera during a canoeing trip in the Ozarks.

The GetterBack Lifesaver

When my boyfriend invited me to go camping with him and his family, I had limited camping experience, aside from Girl Scouts and the recent yoga ‘glamping’ retreat I attended with my sister and her friends.  He kept telling me that there were less amenities at this campground in the Ozarks and that I needed to be prepared for less creature comforts.  In the spirit of adventure, we also decided to rent a canoe to explore the Maramec River.  Excitement filled the air as we embarked on our 12-mile tour, equipped with our GoPro HERO10 securely fastened to the canoe.  For the most part, the pace was slow and the waters were clear and shallow.  But, of course, that’s not where our HERO10 detached from its mount.  It sunk below the surface quickly, and we faced the possibility of losing footage of memories in the making. However, thanks to the remarkable innovation of GetterBack, there was hope in rescuing our HERO10.

Prior to our expedition, I was verifying our GoPro’s waterproof features as as well as perusing camera protection devices.  During my research, I stumbled upon GetterBack's website. Their product, the GetterBack Recovery System, showcased promising features and a series of successful recovery videos.  The my sensibilities kicked in, and I saw there was enough time to order one, just in case.  For the $350 cost of the camera and the value of its footage, it was a logical investment.

Product Features

GetterBack is a compact and reliable device designed specifically for retrieving submerged objects from water. Its ingenious design incorporates a spring-loaded mechanism that activates upon contact with water, propelling it to the surface. The device's bright color ensures easy visibility, even in murky conditions. GetterBack's sturdy construction and corrosion-resistant materials guarantee its durability in challenging environments, making it the perfect companion for outdoor enthusiasts.

The Miraculous Rescue

As our GoPro HERO10 slipped from its mount and disappeared into the depths of the Maramec, we quickly secured our canoe and scanned the water in dismay, hoping for a glimpse of the camera. We just had to wish and wait for the GetterBack system to activate as it was designed to do.

From the corner of my eye, I got a glimpse of the GetterBack’s yellow-green buoy popping up amid the river's currents. We approached the device frantically, unable to contain our tentative excitement. And there it was, securely attached to GetterBack— our HERO! The relief and joy that were immeasurable as our camera was returned, unscathed and ready to capture more incredible moments…including a series of luxury camping hacks that my boyfriend’s family had up their sleeves.  Capturing his reaction was priceless!

The Power of GetterBack

GetterBack proved to be our saving grace, rescuing our camera in a fast-paced, low-visibility situation. Its swift response, buoyancy, and visibility were instrumental in locating and retrieving our HERO10 within minutes. The ease of use and reliability of GetterBack surpassed our expectations, winning our loyalty for this remarkable device.

For any group of adventurers, water sports enthusiasts, or avid photographers seeking to safeguard their valuable equipment, GetterBack is an essential preparedness tool.

Its innovative design, tailored for underwater object retrieval, exemplifies the powerful fusion of technology and practicality.

Without this exceptional product, our collective memories would have been lost forever. I wholeheartedly recommend GetterBack to fellow adventurers, knowing it has the power to safeguard and retrieve valuable possessions, ensuring that no adventure goes unrecorded.

-Darla B, St. Louis, MO