GetterBack: Saving Face - and My Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 at a Company Fishing Trip

Another satisfied customer describes how the GetterBack Recovery System saved their gear (and additional embarrassment) at a fishing event.

The Setting

I’m a sales guy who is lucky enough to enjoy an annual fishing trip we host in Chesapeake Bay.  While I have faithfully attended this event for the past 10 years, I’m not much of a fisherman.  This customer event is my high-profile opportunity to showcase my fishing technique, or lack thereof.  Everyone is good at something…but for me…it is definitely not hunting and gathering.  On last year’s trip, my youngest son Charlie was able to meet up with me on this trip due to a last-minute guest cancellation. Let me begin by saying that he is a much better fisherman, and I felt like maybe I’d finally fare better this year with him around - especially since I was hosting our biggest customer who is an angler extraordinaire.  Little did I know that my misadventures would reach a new level, and be saved by a wondrous gadget called GetterBack.

The Snafu

I arrived early to Smith Island, with an Ugly Stik GX2 spinning rod, and a whole lot of enthusiasm.  It was just a 2-day fishing trip, and I wanted our first day to go smoothly.  With a classic salesman’s sense of confidence, I clumsily attempted my first cast, and things quickly went downhill. My lack of finesse, combined with the comedic timing of Murphy's Law, resulted in my brand new GX2 slipping right out of my hands and into the water. Cue panic mode! But amidst the embarrassment, a glimmer of hope sparked in my memory—I had a secret weapon, GetterBack!

The Solution

My son had stumbled upon GetterBack, the supposed savior of lost fishing gear, when he had ordered this very spinning rod in time for our (my) fishing antics.  Right before we packed our gear, I hastily attached GetterBack, at Charlie’s behest.  I didn’t really know how it worked or why, but I just followed the directions.

And boy, did I get to see it spring in action! Against all odds, this heroic contraption shot up from the depths of the water like a superhero on a mission.

It triumphantly broke the surface after a few minutes, and to my absolute relief, it brought back my spinning rod for a second chance at pushing my luck. GetterBack had just saved the day—and my fishing expedition!  

My customer was impressed by the gadget’s technology.  In fact, it struck up quite a conversation on how he wished he knew about this before he had lost a treasured telescopic rod in choppy conditions.  I mean, when you think about it, better anglers run the risk of losing even better equipment in far more challenging conditions.  It’s not just for accident-prone guys like me!  Incredibly, Charlie had an extra GetterBack in his tacklebox, and gifted it to the delight of my long-time customer.  

I owe a debt of gratitude to GetterBack (and my son Charlie) for turning my fishing fiasco into a tale of redemption. Despite my fishing skills sinking to new lows, I (or at least my GetterBack) was able to impress a skilled fisherman - and I have a new foolish fishing story, to boot!  So, the moral of the story is: even if you can't catch a fish to save your life, at least you can count on GetterBack to save your gear...and your pride!  

- Don L, Ellicott City, MD