How I GetterBack: Our Origin Story with Steve Fisher

The GetterBack team talks with Steve Fisher and Steve Lynch about the story behind the GetterBack Recovery System's invention.

Every invention has its own story to tell.  In this feature, Team GetterBack delves into the epic fisherman's tale that led to the development of the GetterBack Recovery System. Today, we have the pleasure of speaking with Steve Fisher, the innovator behind this revolutionary invention, as well as Steve Lynch, whose unlucky incident served as the inspiration for the product. Join us as we uncover the origin story of this remarkable product and explore how it has provided anglers with a newfound sense of confidence on the water.

GetterBack Team: I'm here with Steve Fisher, the inventor of the GetterBack Recovery System. Steve, could you please share with us how your son-in-law, Steve Lynch, inspired you to create this innovative product?

Steve Fisher: Thank you for having me. Absolutely.  Let me begin by introducing Steve Lynch, whose fishing mishap served as the catalyst for the GetterBack. I think he can tell the story best. Steve, would you mind recounting the incident?

Steve Lynch: Of course, happy to share my story. It was during a fishing tournament on the California Delta. As we arrived at our first fishing spot, I reached back to grab my first rod, which happened to be a brand-new flipping stick. To my dismay, the rod somehow slipped out of my hands and disappeared into the water, about ten feet deep. I spent nearly 30 to 45 minutes trying to retrieve it, but my efforts were all in vain. That upsetting experience has stayed with me.

GetterBack Team: That sounds like a frustrating experience. Steve Fisher, how did witnessing Steve Lynch's disappointment inspire you to develop a solution like the GetterBack Recovery System?

Steve Fisher: Indeed, it was disheartening to see Steve's valuable fishing gear lost in the depths of the water.  It was, quite literally, a sunk cost.  It sparked my motivation to find a way for anglers to quickly and efficiently recover their submerged rods and reels. I began brainstorming ideas and researching possible solutions that would provide peace of mind to fellow anglers in similar situations.

After extensive research and development, I created the GetterBack Recovery System. Its unique mechanism allows for retrieval in depths of up to 100 feet. Here's how it works. When a rod and reel fall into the water, a special check valve allows water to enter, mixing with a non-toxic reactant. This mixture produces CO2 gas, generating pressure of up to 60 PSI. Once the pressure reaches this threshold, the system's float is deployed.

As the float ascends to the surface, it unwinds a robust Kevlar line capable of holding up to 10 pounds of weight. In approximately two minutes, the float reaches the surface, and all the angler needs to do is grab the float and pull the line. Currently, the line length is 100 feet. It's a straightforward and effective process that ensures anglers can recover their lost equipment quickly and effortlessly.

GetterBack Team: That sounds like a fantastic problem solving solution, Steve Fisher. Can you tell us more about the testing and development process that led to the final version of the GetterBack?

Steve Fisher: Certainly! Developing the system involved rigorous testing to guarantee its reliability and effectiveness. I wanted to create a product that anglers could trust in various fishing environments. We conducted numerous field evaluation tests, experimenting with different materials, gas pressures, and deployment mechanisms.

Collaborating with experienced anglers and fishing enthusiasts, we gathered valuable feedback and incorporated their insights into the design. Striking the right balance between simplicity, durability, and affordability was crucial. After several iterations and improvements, we finally arrived at the version of the GetterBack system you see today.

GetterBack Team: That's truly impressive. Finally, could you share any success stories or feedback from anglers who have used this solution?

Steve Fisher: Absolutely! Since introducing the GetterBack Recovery System to the market, we've received numerous positive testimonials from anglers who have experienced its benefits firsthand.  It's been a real gamechanger for them. Seeing how it has saved them from costly fishing gear replacements, having GetterBack as a safeguard is a no-brainer.